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FIC: Assistant

I thought I'd tried something different from my last two fics and write about humans for once. It's harder than it looks!

FIC: Assistant
SUMMARY: One way Laurence and Temeraire might leave New South Wales, courtesy of Sipho.
SPOILERS: "Tonuges of Serpents" spoilers liek whoa.

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kink meme, pt. 2: the kinkening

Temeraire Kink Meme: Part II

We've got a whole new book's worth of canon to perv up (or leave entirely innocent, at your leisure!), and it'd be a shame not to take advantage! If you sat there wishing that Laurence and Tharkay would push their pallets together already, or want to revisit the possibility of snuggles near the Gobi desert--or anything else that floats your boat!--then head on over to the new Temeraire kink meme! Anything goes, if you'll only click the sparkly text above and head on over to write anonyfic to your heart's content.

Looking forward to your presence! Crossposted on LJ and DW.
SPN - Sam - Sleep Sound

Temeraire Fic and Art Exchange

Temeraireficfest is a new Fic and Art Exchange Community over on Dreamwidth dedicated to the awewsomeness that is Temeraire.

Come join the fun and release your Temeraire plot-bunnies into the wild (sort of). Sign-ups will last until April 4th and it's not due until June 13th.

If you've ever longed for that certain fic, than this is the place to have those wishes fulfilled. Plus, it means more fic with dragons, and there's no bad there!

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Title: none, right now.
Heavily implied Laurence/Granby, T
Word Count: 494
Disclaimer: If I owned Temeraire, would I be writing this?
Summary: Temeraire knows something his captain doesn't think he knows.
Author's Notes: This is my first fic for this fandom, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, spoilers for the end of Black Powder War.

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