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Title: none, right now.
Heavily implied Laurence/Granby, T
Word Count: 494
Disclaimer: If I owned Temeraire, would I be writing this?
Summary: Temeraire knows something his captain doesn't think he knows.
Author's Notes: This is my first fic for this fandom, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, spoilers for the end of Black Powder War.

“I can smell him on you, you know.”


Laurence jumped in surprise. He had been laying with Temeraire on the ground, watching the light fade away to the west. Quickly, he glanced around to make sure that nobody—dragon or human—had overheard his dragon’s statement. A whisper coming out of a mouth that could swallow a horse whole was not exactly quiet.


“Whatever are you talking about, my dear?”


Temeraire rolled his eyes, as though he could not quite believe such a question needed to be asked. “Granby.”


While Laurence spluttered and turned several alarming shades of red, Temeraire continued, coolly polishing his chain as he spoke. “I suppose he is quite good-looking, by your standards, and it is not as though you and Jane have any special understanding at the moment, so why must you sneak around? Are you afraid Jane will be angry at you?”


Laurence finally regained his power of speech. Under his breath, he said, “Temeraire, my dear, you do not understand. Such…things as Granby and I do…two men together…well, it simply isn’t done.”


The dragon cocked his head to the side and studied him curiously. “Why isn’t it?…Is it one of those things that you told me oughtn’t be spoken of in society, like Jane or Harcourt being captains?”


Laurence shuddered, unconsciously rubbing his throat. “More than that, my dear. You must never tell anyone of me and Granby, understand? Government does not take a very kind view of it. People are hanged for—for doing what we do.”


The great ruff on Temeraire’s head flared in his indignation. “Hanged? Well, you needn’t worry about that. I will never let anyone hang you; I should like to see them try. And I am sure Iskierka will roast anyone who harms Granby. And besides, I don’t see what business Government has interfering with two perfectly consenting adults…you are both considered adults, are you not?” For all Temeraire’s intelligence, he still found it difficult to tell humans’ ages.


The man shrugged; he was beginning to be uneasy. I think I know where this conversation is heading. “Yes. But…we are both also men, and under the law…” He winced. The last thing he wanted to do was enter into a discussion of politics, or worse; human body functions.


Luckily, Temeraire was not much interested in the sentence’s end. Instead, his attention lay elsewhere. “I do not think this is a very just law. Maybe after we have gotten Government to make reforms for dragons, we can address unjust laws for humans as well.”


Laurence shrugged and made a noncommittal noise in his throat. While he did not think the sodomy laws would ever be repealed, it was never a good idea to tell Temeraire that anything was impossible. He also resolved to warn Granby of his dragon’s new knowledge.


Perhaps he would tell him later tonight. Nothing kept two captains from enjoying a late-night game of cards and brandy together, after all.

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