August 24th, 2007

  • sahiya

FIC: Without Answer

Title: Without Answer
Author: sahiya
Pairing/Rating: Jane/Laurence, PG-13
Length: 4500 words
Disclaimer: Not mine! They all belong to Naomi Novik and Del Rey.
Summary: [WARNING] The summary could be considered spoilery for the excerpt of Empire of Ivory at the end of Black Powder War. Highlight below to see the summary.
Excidium was eight weeks dead when Laurence returned.
Author's Notes: Thanks very much to fuzzyboo03 and antennapedia for beta reading, and to Patrick O'Brian for providing linguistic inspiration while I wrote this 1200 miles away from my dog-eared copies of canon. As I mention above, this fic makes use of the excerpt at the end of Black Powder War; it certainly contains no more spoilers what you would find there, but if you're endeavoring to remain pure and unspoiled until the release of the fourth book, you might like to steer clear.

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