October 15th, 2007

  • sahiya

Ficathon anyone?

So, I just finished Empire of Ivory this afternoon, and I'm feeling a bit . . . well, I think "traumatized" might be the best word. In any case, I was thinking that what might help with the general "wah, no new book until next SUMMER!" feeling might be a whole lotta Temeraire fic. We're likely to get some with yuletide, but I think a ficathon might also be good.

So, what do you all think? Ficathon - yes/no? Now-ish (which I think would mean setting up sign-ups to run until the end of the month and then making fics due in December sometime) or after the New Year and the holiday ficathon rush?

I'm crossposting this to temeraire_fans and if we decide to do it, I'll probably set up a separate community so as to have all the fics in one place. I was envisioning the usual exchange format, though if someone has another suggestion, I'm totally open to ideas.