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FIC: A Hole in the World

Title: A Hole in the World
Author: sahiya
Rating/Pairing: G, gen
Word Count: 2900
Disclaimer: Not mine! Naomi Novik's and Del Rey's.
Feedback: Does anyone ever not want feedback?
Summary: There is a hole in the world, and it cannot be filled. Warnings for off screen character death.
Author's Notes: For elenariel, who wanted something from Emily's POV (though I must confess that it's doing double duty as something else altogether at my personal journal). Thanks to fuzzyboo03 and firefly124 for beta reading. The title of this fic is stolen without shame from an S5 episode of Angel. No Empire of Ivory spoilers.

A Hole in the World (Link takes you to the story at temeraire_fic.)
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Ficathon Master List!

We still have a few people missing, including two pinch hits that I have to arrange, but I thought I'd post this anyway.

melliyna wrote To Die a Death of Shame, with Honour for sonia_hugo

sahiya wrote The True Duty of Patriots for melliyna

elenariel wrote The Idea of North for bootedintexas

firefly124 wrote Moulding to the Pitcher for bubonicwoodchuk

midair wrote Feast for aella_irene

tokoyosalterego wrote Very Like Dragons for steele_dagger

sonia_hugo wrote Matrimonial Discussion for sahiya

Please remember, if you read and enjoy, let the author know. Comments feed the muse and make it all worthwhile.

fanart, Temeraire admiring his jewelry

Title: Temeraire admiring his jewelry
Artist: ratcreature
Characters/Pairings: Temeraire
Media used: pencil drawing, inked and colored with a Wacom tablet in GIMP
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: This was done for the yuletart gift exchange for tylercat. I'd also like to thank brown_betty for helping me to come up with a motif, when my initial idea didn't work out, and for taking a look at the half-finished stages, spotting problems with the rocks and such.
Preview: preview of Temeraire admiring his jewelry
reaction: *hearts*

10 new Temeraire stories!

For those of you who might not have heard of yuletide, it's a massive rare-fandom ficathon that produces many fabulous stories each year. This year, there's been a fantastic group of Temeraire stories posted for the challenge.

I've listed them here-- check them out, and if at all possible, give the authors comments on their work. *G*

Temeraire Stories for Yuletide 2007

Two, Side by Side
Rating: PG
Summary: The legend of Lung Hong Dao and Hua MuLan.

Ad Augusta Per Angusta
Rating: G
Summary: Spoilers for book four, Empire of Ivory

Coming Home
Rating: G
Summary: Set immediately after Empire of Ivory.

All True-Hearted Souls
Rating: PG
Summary: "For God's sake, if someone doesn't talk Laurence out of these constant heroics, I wouldn't bet a farthing on his chances; no, and not ours either." Four times that John Granby helped save William Laurence's life. Laurence/Granby. Spoilers up to Empire of Ivory.

The Dawning of a New Day
Rating: G
Summary: Catherine is caught unawares in more ways than one by Lily's hatching.
Written For: Yuletide 2007

A Bit Discouraging
Rating: G
Summary: The world changes neither easily, nor quickly.

Beyond and Away
Rating: PG
Summary: A quiet morning sometime after the Battle of Trafalgar. Temeraire contemplates the closeness of clouds over breakfast.

Long Live the Queen
Rating: PG
[No summary provided]

When the Wing is a Sail
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Catherine, Lily, and Tom Riley come to an understanding.

Damned Conspirators
Rating: PG
Summary: Post- Empire of Ivory.

(Authors are not listed, because that's kept a secret until Jan 1.)

To see links to all these stories, plus Temeraire stories written for previous Yuletides, go here.
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Ficathon related announcement!

This is the last one I'll be making either here or at temeraire_fans until January, but I noticed that not everyone signed up to write has joined temeraire_fic, so I thought I'd post a note here.

Assignments are up! If you signed up, please go see what you will be writing.

And please, if you're writing in the ficathon, join the comm and watch it as well. I will post periodic reminders there.

If you're not in the ficathon, well, remember that ficathons need people to read and comment too, so think about joining the comm anyway.

That's it from me until January, folks!
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Last Temeraire ficathon sign-up reminder!

Sign-up at temeraire_fic by Friday the 30th to participate. I probably won't do anything with the assignments until at least noon on Saturday, GMT, so basically, as long as it's still Friday somewhere in the world, you can still sign up. However, this does not meant you should leave it to the last possible moment!

500 word minimum, fics are due January 31st. My goal is to double the amount of Temeraire fic out there! (Which, really, is not that hard, but sounds damn impressive.)
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Ficathon reminder!

Hey guys, this is just a reminder that ficathon sign-ups for the Temeraire ficathon are open until Friday (the 30th) over at temeraire_fic. As of now, there are only FOUR sign-ups (including myself)! I'll run a ficathon for four people, but it's so much more fun with more!

I should note that the word minimum is only 500 words and you have until January 31st to do it.

ETA: Pimping never hurt anyone. If there are people on your flist who like Temeraire but don't watch the comms, maybe mention something. The more people, the more fic for everyone to enjoy.